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Film-based photographs deteriorate over time due to the chemicals used in their development process as well as effects of light, moisture, and PH imbalance. Old Town Photo's digital restoration expertise can restore almost all types of damaged prints or films. Once the digital restoration process is complete, we reprint the photo on museum-grade archival media and optionally apply a UV protective coating. The final result becomes a long lasting image using materials and techniques unavailable when the original photograph was taken.

Using advanced tools both in hardware and software to get the job done right, we have worked on numerous valuable pieces of various types, including convex oval photos, tin-type, ambrotype, film negatives, and slides, each requiring special care and handling.  As a result of 21 years of digital restoration experience, we have developed a propriety method that preserves the dynamic tonal range of the original image by correctly transferring that information into the restored version, as well as reducing the amount of time needed to do most corrections. We perform all work on site and your irreplaceable items never leave our lab.

If you are looking for ultimate care and a professional job performed on your cherished old photographs, feel free to send us an inquiry for a free evaluation and estimate. As always, we guarantee total satisfaction.

For an elegant display and proper protection of your new old photograph, we offer archival framing with conservation glazing both in standard and custom-made sizes.

Original old photo before photo restoration work. It was faded, full of cracks, stains, and missing pieces. Photo restoration in Alexandria Arlington VA
Photo Before restoration

Old Photo after professional restoration. Photo restoration in Fairfax
Photo After restoration

Some samples of our photo restoration work are shown via this link.

This example shows a 1910 overlay painted photograph in a very poor condition. Oval shaped photo restoration and in particular the convex oval portraits require special handling. Overlay painted photograph Before restoration and Overlay painted photograph After restoration Original oval photo before restoration work. Photograph circa 1910 Oval shaped photo after restoration work. Portrait photograph circa 1910

Partial list of restoration works we have performed include:

  • Oval convex painting or photos in bubble glass frames;
  • Tintype(ferrotype), daguerreotype, ambrotypes;
  • Panoramic group photographs;
  • Cartes de visite (small card photos);
  • Polaroid captured photos;
  • Water damaged photos;
  • Faded or decolorized photos;
  • Photos stuck to glass;
  • Photos with mildew damage

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What is the cost of a restoration?

Several factors contribute to the cost of a restoration project.  For example when enlarging or fade correction is involved, damages not visible to the naked eye may show after such preparations.  Such conditions that vary from one photo to another make it impossible to arrive at a correct figure without closely examining the piece.  Therefore, an initial consultation helps in providing you with an estimate that does not change through the course of work as well as presenting you with all options available for the project. So feel free to set up an appointment to bring in your item(s) and we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

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I was just comparing the "before" and "after" again, and the result you achieved is truly remarkable. Please accept my sincere gratitude. You restored a priceless image, the last one taken of my mother.

The work you did to restore my photo was great! Many people have seen the before and after and are stunned by the results. The process was great from beginning to end and I really appreciate your timeliness and professionalism throughout. The surprise was a hit as a Christmas gift to my grandmother. It created such a buzz that I may have more photos to bring to you in the future.

My photo restoration experience with Old Town Photo was fantastic. I brought in a picture with extensive water damage, unsightly stains due to mold and missing pieces that were torn off. This childhood photo was beautifully restored to a point that retained it's authentic qualities, yet looked even better than the original. I am highly appreciative that many creative techniques were employed to recreate the picture and help me preserve this memory!

I'd like to thank you again for being able to complete my photo so quickly. I can't believe how great it looks! I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and thank you so much!

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As always, Total Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Wedding Photographer Alexandria
Wedding Photographer Alexandria